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The platform that allows you to work faster

Mobile networks

It integrates crews and back office, automates tasks, manages equipment and materials, accesses real-time data and facilitates agile decisions with automatic reports.

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Simplifies project management: centralizes candidates, works and documents. Customize flows, perform tasks from the field and streamline client reporting and site access.

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Optic Fiber

Automates reporting, digitizes metrics and accelerates network marketing. Integrates processes from design to execution, managing materials efficiently.

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Plan and allocate resources for the activities requested by your clients. Manage resources, time and materials of your works reducing operating costs. Automate reports for your clients.

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Optimize the management of your network: centralize installations and maintenance of your customers, avoiding unnecessary visits and improving productivity with real-time monitoring.

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Streamline and manage your energy projects with interaction between areas throughout the execution, from planning to completion, integrating materials and financial management of your works.

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Access to all the information you need

Works collaboratively

Optimize team collaboration and manage tasks in real time.

Dashboard Tasks English

in real time

Create flexible reports and synchronize real-time documentation with your field team.

Real-time documentation

Control materials
and stock

Effectively record and track the materials used in your projects for greater traceability.


each site

Customize processes to move your projects forward quickly.


Flexible processes

Adapt and improve your processes continuously by adding steps according to your needs.

of progress

Measures common quality issues and monitors key milestones of each process.

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All your work from a single platform

Consolidate your favorite data and tools in Sytex, creating a single environment where your team can focus, integrate and execute their tasks efficiently.

Sytex Integrations

Do you have questions?
We have answers.

How to upload the initial information of my projects?

Sytex has an import tool that allows you to create or edit objects in bulk. Through an interface similar to an Excel table, it is possible to batch load information from sites, tasks and other objects related to different projects, all at once and easily.

How do I create the functional locations for my entire network?

Using the tool mentioned in the previous point, you can create thousands of functional locations with their respective properties at once. It is also possible to create them individually, by location type, by completing the attributes of each one.

How can the information be accessed for reporting purposes?

Sytex has pre-molded reports and informative panels of different objects.
On the other hand, we enable data sources to connect our database with external tools such as PowerBI, Excel, Tableau, etc. External reports elaborated in third party platforms can be embedded within the Sytex interface.

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Centralizes information and streamlines processes and works in the field.

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