the deployment
of your Fiber network.

The most complicated part of fiber projects is keeping track of a large volume of activities, technicians and materials in the field in real time.

To manage fiber projects effectively, the most important thing is to:

Collaborate in real time with the teams in the field.
Visualize the progress of thousands of tasks in parallel.
Guarantee the quality of the facilities.
Reduce network commissioning time.

Simplify and save costs
by automating your operations

With Sytex you can follow in real time what is happening in the field, track your materials and have control of the network information. These processes are not only key for the installation stage, but will be of great use for the maintenance of the network for many years to come.

What do Fiber companies achieve with Sytex?

Unify your processes and monitor progress.
Eliminate 85% of installation errors.
Accelerate commissioning times by 30%.
Reduce material shortages during installations.

Fiber companies use Sytex
to run their installations

A single source of project truth

Automates the high volume of job site reports, with customized forms.

It uses a configurable database for uncomplicated functional locations.

Manages project materials in warehouses and sends stock to contractors, crews and functional locations.

Approves or rejects field activities, monitoring quality KPIs.

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