Optimize your 5G network

From site search to commercialization, 5G technology demands rapid installation of equipment to ensure capacity, coverage and availability.

The main challenges are:

Adapt to the speed and demands of the market.
Coordinate multiple teams: engineering, implementation, operations, contractors and auditors.
Avoid revisits, to save costs, time and resources.
Control the quality of the installations, to ensure KPIs prior to putting a cell on air.

Streamlines cell integration with on-site crews and the back office

With Sytex, forget the chaos of project management - everything you need to power your 5G deployment in one place. We simplify documentation, engineering, tasks, validations and more.

What do the major operators achieve with Sytex?

Coordinate field activities with all staff.
Generate automatic field reports.
Integrate teams and contractors in all its processes.
Create indicators and measure the progress of projects.

Carriers use Sytex
to centralize their 5G projects

A single source of project truth

Standardize the way you work to improve day-to-day operations with customizable workflows.

Records any action executed in the field. Obtains automatic documents for report generation.

Organize tasks with responsible teams, SLAs and planning dates.

Site database with all its characteristics plus its activity history.

Manage access to your sites to control who enters.

Tracking of all purchase orders and traceability of logistic tasks.

Sytex is an API based platform, so it offers the possibility of creating integrations with other systems.

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