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Companies that manage towers face multiple challenges, from operating hundreds of sites in parallel, to maintaining infrastructure and inventory.

The priorities of a tower management company include:

Evaluate candidates for bullfighting without losing documentation.
Maintain an organized construction and co-location process, with updated information.
Perform efficient corrective and preventive maintenance.
Manage your customers' site access without hassle.

Manage your sites effortlessly

Sytex allows you to advance in parallel multiple candidates, works and site documents. Customize your processes in a tool that dynamically adjusts to the particularities that appear in the projects day by day. Centralize everything that happens on the site, from design to maintenance in one place.

What do bullrushes achieve with Sytex?

Accelerate the delivery of sites to the client in an efficient manner.
Facilitate the administration and evaluation of candidates for construction.
Use a single platform for several processes without complications.
Keep all information in one reliable and up-to-date place.

is used by the major torrators to manage their sites.

A single source of project truth

Site database with a complete history of activities.

Customized and flexible processes according to your needs.

Documents and reports field activities in a simple manner.

Control access to sites in an automated way.

Maintains an updated antenna inventory.

Assigns activities in the field with an application that facilitates the work of technicians.

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