Frequently Asked Questions

How to upload the initial information of my projects?

Sytex has an import tool that allows you to create or edit objects in bulk. Through an interface similar to an Excel table, it is possible to batch load information from sites, tasks and other objects related to different projects, all at once and easily.

How do I create the functional locations for my entire network?

Using the tool mentioned in the previous point, you can create thousands of functional locations with their respective properties at once. It is also possible to create them individually, by location type, by completing the attributes of each one.

How can project information be accessed for reporting purposes?

Sytex has pre-molded reports and informative panels of different objects. On the other hand, we enable data sources to connect our database with external tools such as PowerBI, Excel, Tableau, etc.
External reports elaborated in third party platforms can be embedded within the Sytex interface.

How do I manage what each person can see or edit?

By means of Roles, in Sytex you can configure permissions for a team or user to view, edit or create different objects and activities. In the same way, it is possible to limit users' access to certain information.

Can you limit what a technician sees?

With the roles mentioned in the previous point, it is possible to limit a field technician to only those activities assigned to him/her.

Can I see how many tasks a technician performs?

Using Sytex's search engines and dashboards, and with customizable filters that can also be saved as favorites, it is possible to obtain views of the workload and progress not only of one user but also of different work teams.

Is it possible to export information?

The same information displayed in the Sytex search engines, and the results of the selected filters, can be exported to Excel on the spot or, alternatively, take the link that the origin of this data generates and connect it to Excel or other platforms to update periodic and updated queries in real time.

Does the application work offline?

It is possible to work with forms in offline mode, completing them locally on the cell phone, once the device is connected the application will automatically synchronize with the server.

Is it possible to work on forms, from the app, by more than one person?

Each form can be used by up to two users: the assigned user and the collaborating user. In addition, a third user can collaborate in the loading of information from the web.

How is the use of the system billed?

The value of Sytex is billed monthly considering the licenses used:

There are 2 types of licenses:
Platform License:

Which covers support, maintenance and updates.

User licenses, of two types:
Project License (Advanced): These are used by users who manage activities, create configurations and launch tasks.
Field License (Basic): These are used by users who only complete assigned activities, typically in the field.

It is billed per license used in the month, each license applies to a user, individually, for the use of the web platform and/or mobile app.

Can the license be shared?

Each user is allowed only one license. This way of using the system guarantees quality and security by being able to identify at all times which user performed or edited which activity.