Podcast Connectivity: We love being connected

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To connect means to unite different worlds and to communicate from that connection a new world: a new idea, a new vision, a possibility, an opportunity, to create something new that allows us to communicate.

If there is no connection, if there is no creation, there is no communication. It may be an interaction, a contact, an exchange of information, but if there is no point where we understand each other, where we move with each other in a collaborative way, there is no communication.

From Sytex we promote the possibility of connecting worlds of different levels, people with different ways of working, with different roles, tasks and hierarchies in the same universe: Communications. In the world of hyperconnection, Sytex helps to streamline and simplify the management of network deployment and maintenance, enhancing teamwork and generating more and better connectivity in projects.

We firmly believe that simplifying, streamlining and organizing the processes of organizations in the Telecommunications world can generate a more connected world.

Understanding our purpose and the desire to generate new ways to stay connected, we decided to create a Podcast called Connectivity, a series of conversations with leaders in the telecommunications industry about technology, project management, network deployment, and much more.

In the different episodes, we are already in the fourth of this cycle, we address different topics of the industry with the aim of providing knowledge to all the people who are part of the industry.

The following is a brief description of the topics we discussed:

Episode 1: How does a great field technician work?

In this first episode we talked with Carlos Mario Loaiza who works at @tampnet_group in Norway as a network field engineer on oil rigs. With him, we talked about what makes a great field technician and he told us his perspective from his personal experience.

Episode 2: How will 5G be implemented in LATAM?

In this meeting we spoke with @marcelorobertotapia technology consultant at @netcram_ok & Telkor where they perform installation, auditing and consulting work for cellular networks.

Episode 3: How to manage FTTH projects?

In this episode we had as guest Fernando Morales, who is Co-Founder of @ficom_mza and provides courses to FTTH technicians, Engineering and Technical Consulting. We talked about the most important issues when managing FTTH projects.

Episode 4: Agile projects: differences between Software and Telecommunications.

In this fourth meeting we talked about the differences between Telecommunications and Software in project management with Juan Manuel Urti, SW Project Leader.

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