5G installations with Sytex

5G technology

Due to its operating characteristics, 5G technology requires the installation of a large amount of equipment in order to guarantee capacity, coverage and availability. The network deployment will require agility in the whole process from site search, survey, adequacy, installation, commissioning, acceptance and finally its commercial launch.

Contractors, crews, coordinators and engineers, a small universe of people who need to exchange information in different ways. Sytex transforms the concept of documentation, engineering, task assignments, validations, approvals and rejections to provide a platform where all these activities happen and can be tracked; information backed up in the cloud for reporting and decision making with updated data.

We have an agile design in both the APP and the desktop so that each work team can focus on their tasks and let the administrative burden be handled by the agility of Sytex so that it is no longer a problem.

Predefined and repetitive work processes

Carrying out an installation involves a series of upstream and downstream tasks that are usually always the same or with small variations. A quick visualization of the status or phases of each process is very important as well as the possibility of making adjustments on the progress of the projects if necessary; Sytex provides this flexibility for continuous improvement.

These processes are managed from a workflow based on a template that can be replicated in each work to be executed, simplifying and ordering the work by resources or work teams. Each person in charge will be automatically notified of the activities to be performed and in turn confirm the completion of their part in the whole process, always within the same environment.

view of a work structure template in Sytex

Field work documentation

Any action that is executed on site and requires a deliverable document, be it surveys, adjustments, installations or even the acceptance of an installation, can be recorded in a Sytex form. The content and format of the report will be defined by a template, as any template in the system, it can be replicated later in as many documents as types of work and installations are needed.

For each site it is possible to assign a created form to coordinators of own or contracted crews. The content of the completed forms will be synchronized with the server so that those responsible can verify and approve them. Advantages?

  • Optimized field staff coordination
  • Backup and centralization of information
  • Agility to review content in real time
  • Automated and optimized presentation thanks to automatic document assembly.


Those responsible for a work team can monitor everything that happens in the field through dashboards, maps and reports. Progress of forms through the different states, completed responses, location of users and vehicles, all this information is captured and sorted by the system.

Users have a corporate chat that can be associated with particular tasks and forms to maintain fluid communication between all teams.


It is possible to make the deployment of projects more precise through the management of the materials catalog, virtual warehouses and their movements, all associated to a macro process defined by the user. Assignment of materials and tools by technicians or vehicles. The APP allows users in the field to download materials associated with assigned tasks and from the office to track their location.

Resource management

Crews of technicians, supervisors, contractors; many people with a considerable volume of tasks where control and work assignments to ensure quality in the processes is necessary. Each resource has its own user with different profiles allowing to perform, assign and control everything that happens in the field from the APP or Sytex desktop.

Administrative follow-up

We have a complete administration module where the follow-up of the client's OV, OC of suppliers, receptions and invoicing, together with the personnel expenses are available all the time to analyze the economic performance of a project or work. From Sytex we understand this problem, so we created tools that allow to work all the accounting issues as part of the process of massive installations and in quantity. In addition, all users can report their expenses from the APP for review and allocation to the project.

From the moment zero, the client's assignment to the commissioning and acceptance of the installation through surveys, task assignments, purchase orders, deliverable documentation, task scheduling, stoppers, discussion boards, activity dashboards separated by team. Sytex provides the information at all times, makes the responsibility of tasks by work groups more flexible and allows project managers and supervisors to be aware of each task while the technicians in the field finish their tasks, approved by supervisors in the office to continue with the next installation and meet projected goals.