Accelerate site deployment with Sytex

In this highly competitive and cost-conscious environment, it is imperative to execute works optimizing resources and minimizing time. We can classify the activities of a Tower Company into: site search, permitting, negotiations with municipalities, site construction, co-locations and maintenance. Sytex helps organize internal processes, notifying those responsible when tasks are available for execution.

Both in-house personnel and contractors work collaboratively on a single platform, in addition to concentrating and storing all the information in the cloud to prepare updated reports and facilitate decision-making.

Site searches and evaluation of options

The first task is to obtain the site options, then we continue with the documentation of all the information coming from the field and evaluation of the options to decide which one is the most convenient to start the construction of the site.

The amount of administrative tasks is considerable: internal reports, customer reports, permissions management and the validation of each aspect of the site by each corresponding area. All these issues are applied to multiple sites and multiple options for each site, the volume of information becomes complex to handle, requires many resources and makes it difficult to know the status of each assignment to obtain the corresponding KPIs.

Sytex is a collaborative tracking system: users in the field complete; information is stored and managed by the system. Workflows allow defining a standard process to evaluate and validate the different candidates for each site. Each area knows what it has to do, field supervisors, engineers, administrators and lawyers, all collaborating in a single system, thus facilitating the updated status of all site options.

Site construction

Once the contract has been signed and the permits have been obtained, it is time to start the work, here we will have to carry out several activities such as materials management, contractor assignment, work supervision and complete all the reports that guarantee the quality of the work. The work is the moment where we start to spend money, purchase order (PO) management and resources expense control, important issues in the field.

Workflows facilitate the follow-up of the work for the selected candidate, the system defines documentation, reports to be completed in the field, contractors and supervisors, all organized to make coordination simpler. All activities are concentrated in one place with the necessary approval steps so that nothing is omitted or advances without the corresponding authorization. PO management functionalities, field forms, documentation requirements and expense reports accompany the workflow for comprehensive construction project management.


The base of active sites is always available and updated so that the commercial area can offer the product to customers. The colocation process is defined in the system so that everyone involved executes the corresponding tasks and reports. It is important to register the spaces leased to each client and control them periodically. Forms and engineering can facilitate the tasks in the field and the subsequent analysis in the office.


The first thing companies should define is when a site is completely finished and becomes the responsibility of the maintenance area. Then, coordinators should concentrate on recording all the activities that happen on the site to have a history and control the tasks performed by contractors. All preventive and corrective maintenance routines can be tracked using forms, the site base and contractor management. Corporate chat within the tool facilitates communication with contractor users and company supervisors. All activities at each of the sites are synchronized instantly from the APP to the server, avoiding losses and concentrating all data for analysis in one place.

A single platform, all projects

In the day-to-day running of a Tower Company, search, construction, collocation and maintenance projects run in parallel and involve the interaction of different teams and people with very different skills. The communication of these and all the documentation generated in the processes is a problem that requires attention. We will have field personnel taking photos and generating reports, engineers making designs, project coordinators, lawyers preparing contracts, sales people presenting reports to clients and all kinds of administrative tasks.

Sytex is designed to completely solve this problem: different types of users, from App or desktop receiving assignments and reporting progress, all organized by workflows previously configured in templates. Several functionalities that accompany the daily tasks of the entire organization, contained in a single secure platform and with the flexibility required by the changing demands of today's projects.