99% Customer Satisfaction

How does Sytex think about Customer Support-User Care?

Our user care has to be the best feedback tool to be able to grow the product in the most intelligent-fastest possible way.
That is why we try to have clear processes so that the team is not only someone who can solve problems, but who can understand what the user wants and what problems he/she has.

So, first of all, we have to have tremendous Customer Support. Our objectives are very clear!

👉 Customer Satisfaction. We set out to increase our CSAT from 95% to 99% satisfaction. This means that if 100 people contact us and then rate the interaction only 1 can be unhappy.

👉 Have development projects from user feedback in constant realization.

We know that if we have reached this point it is because we have achieved many other small objectives. It is the result of doing things right.

What is the daily routine of a customer support representative at Sytex?

Every morning we start dealing with everything in order of seniority. This means that first thing in the morning we review our open bug-tickets, giving updates if necessary to the users involved. This keeps us informed, allows us to push those things that are delayed and keep the user informed at all times.
Then we work on the conversations, trying to handle not only by seniority but also by urgency. During a day we can have many interactions with the development, implementation or product team.

🎯 We have several daily goals in terms of problem solving! We always try to be proactive, explanatory, and problem-solving. We want to give a solution to the problem but that user can leave knowing how to solve that problem in the future.

What happens when a user talks to us about a bug or requested development?

When a user reports a bug, it is managed through a ticket with a maximum resolution time of 14 days, depending on the urgency of the error. Bugs are classified into different levels according to their impact on the customer, and are assigned to a specific team for management. In addition, they are associated to a history so that the development team can proceed with the resolution.
Any change made to the status of the issue will be notified in Intercom, and therefore the customer will be notified.

✅ A development requested by a user is taken into account by associating a Development Ticket to the corresponding conversation.

The prioritization of the development is based on two main criteria: the Sytex team's perception of the user's need for it and the number of users who have requested that functionality. The more users that request the development, the higher its urgency and priority.

What's new in User Care this year?

📣 Development

This year we hope to increase the number of projects that come out and are developed based on User Care feedback. We are working with query analytics to:
-Give numbers to the feelings we have as a team.
-Understand what is our user's pain.
-To be able to make resolutions that impact quantitatively on more users.
‍ ‍

📊 Metrics

We will have public on the web the most important metrics for the user. Anyone will know the expected response time, expected resolution time and customer satisfaction in real time.
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🏷️ Tickets

We are going to publish dynamic reports about the open tickets that each company has. You will be able to see:
-The time the ticket spends in each status.
-Last comments.
-Who in the team has the ticket assigned.
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And you, what challenge do you think User Care should face this year?

📩 soporte@sytex.io Give us your opinion and help us grow!